A good understanding of your business and risk profile

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With our ‘Liability’ team we offer insurance solutions to cover your liability risks. We value the importance of good knowledge and understanding of your business. This ensures we provide bespoke and innovative solutions to meet your insurance needs.

Tapping in new markets, product development and development in legislation and jurisprudence ensures that liability issues are constantly changing.

Our specialists are familiar with the domestic insurance market and use RSA’s extensive global network in over 170 countries for international insurance programmes. Together with your insurance broker we can arrange adequate cover for your liability risks combined with our excellent service delivery.

Additional coverage:

  • Pure financial loss
  • Dismantling and refitting
  • Care, custody and control
  • Product recall
  • Coverage according to the Environmental Liability Directive
  • Employers liability according to article 7:611 of the Dutch Civil Book
Raja Manglie

Raja Manglie

Liability Lines Underwriting Leader


t: +31 (0)6 57 34 37 58